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The Tarot Opens Doors & Empowers People

Tarot Albury Wodonga

Tarot Readings
Business, Career, Love, Health, Work & Family; the Tarot is a tool to explore all areas of life.
Regardless of where you are in the world, whether you are in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand or somewhere in the far reaches of Australia we can connect using Skype, the Telephone or via Email.

Tarot Diploma Course
Professional accredited Tarot Training is offered online so that you can start it as soon as you want to and work at the pace that fits your lifestyle. The Diploma will prepare you to work as a certified Tarot Consultant or as a Tarot Guide for Friends and Family.

Tarot Oils
Totally unique, these chanelled aromatherapy blends correspond to each of the twenty-two major arcana tarot cards. They can be used for focus, in ritual, as a personal fragrance, in energy balancing and spiritual healing work.

Tarot Healings
Distant healing work that incorporates the power of the Tarot Archetypes, Sound, Colour and Fragrances from Nature to create a multi-dimensional vibrational modality that draws in health and wellness, and creates a clearer path to accomplishment for the soul.

Tarot Books
Available in a couple of electronic formats as well as a downloadable printable format. Titles include, Tarot: Foundations for the Journey, Tarot and Aromatherapy, Tarot and Yoga and Tarot Healing: The New Modality.

Tarot Workshops
One day and weekend workshops; Tarot and the Inner You, Tarot Play, Tarot Magic and a totally free online course called Tarot for Personal and Professional Success.

Tarot Articles
Old articles, poems and Tarot Card Spreads you might like to try for yourself. There are random writings on Tarot related topics. Sign in to our Newsletter and the Tarot Blog to stay update and hear about the latest in the world of Tarot worldwide.

Tarot Meditations and Taroga
coming soon…



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